Workshop HVS#1

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Slovakia has launched a new series of workshops aimed at promoting human rights education, providing university students and the public with insights from experts working in governmental or non-governmental organisations. The series, called HVS [Values-Education-Freedom], was held at the Pan-European College in cooperation with the CNS [Centre of Nations Slovakia] and the Faculty of Law of the Pan-European College.

The first workshop, HVS#1, focused on two critical topics of contemporary concern: the war in Ukraine and migration. The guests of the first discussion were Ambassador-at-Large for Ukraine Martin Kačo and a journalist from Denník N, Tomáš Čorej. The discussion covered various topics related to the war in Ukraine but also focused on the perception of war and migration in Slovakia. Participants engaged in interactive discussions and activities to improve their understanding of these topics.

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Slovakia believes that human rights education is essential to create a fairer and more equal society. By promoting the values of freedom, democracy, and human rights, the organisation hopes to inspire individuals and communities to act and defend these principles through these discussions. The HVS series provides a valuable platform for students and the public to meet with experts, exchange ideas, and learn more about these critical issues.

The first session of the HVS series was well received by participants, who appreciated the interactive discussions and insider contributions of the experts. The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Slovakia is planning another workshop for the second half of the year, which will focus on another relevant topic. The organisation hopes to continue this series and expand its reach to other communities across the country.