Manual for Secondary Schools

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Slovakia, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic, organised a seminar on the publication of the “Handbook on Democracy and Human Rights for Secondary Vocational Schools”. The workshop held on 5 December also in cooperation with EDUAWEN EUROPE, provided a platform for a wide-ranging discussion among the participating teachers on the effective implementation of the Handbook in an educational setting.

During the workshop, the teachers were actively involved in conversations about the practical application of the manual in schools. Discussions focused not only on incorporating the material into the curriculum but also on promoting an innovative and effective educational approach.

The main objective of the seminar was to introduce the manual, designed to be available to all schools interested in actively participating in the Human Rights Olympics or improving the teaching of important subjects for young people. To ensure that the manual would be applicable and effective in different educational contexts, participants explored different approaches to adapt it for use in different educational settings.

The joint efforts of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, the Ministry of Justice, and EDUAWEN EUROPE have not only facilitated discussions on the practical use of the handbook but also highlighted the importance of fostering a deeper understanding of democracy and human rights among the younger generation. By providing a space for such fruitful conversations, the workshop played a key role in empowering teachers to navigate these crucial topics in their classrooms.