Human Rights Guide workshop

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Slovakia has demonstrated its commitment to help with challenges of migration, asylum and personal liberty through its collaboration with the Baltic Human Rights Society in organizing the expert dissemination workshop for the release of the Human Rights Guide in Slovak language. The workshop, hosted at Komenskeho University’s Faculty of Law, provided a crucial platform for introducing and discussing three significant topics outlined in the guide: Personal Freedom, Migration, and Asylum.

We were privileged to host esteemed speakers such as Zuzana Čačová and Róbert Dobrovodský, the Public Defender of Rights; Michal Sedliak from the Prison and Justice Guard Corps; Michal Davala from the Helsinki Committee; Róbert Gucký from the Office of the Border and Alien Police; Vladimír Šimoňák from the Crisis Management Department of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic; Ján Orlovský from the Migration Office of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic; Elena Berthotyová from the Supreme Administrative Court; and Miroslava Pinková from UNHCR Slovakia. Lastly, we would like to express our gratitude to Ms. Lívia Trella, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law at Comenius University for International Relations and Foreign Language Studies, for delivering the welcoming remarks at the workshop. We also extend our thanks to Ján Šikuta and Sylvia Tiryaki for representing the Helsinki Committee Bureau.

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Slovakia expresses sincere gratitude to all panelists and participants for their invaluable contributions to the workshop. Building on the success of this event, the committee remains committed to working closely with the Baltic Human Rights Society to further enhance the Human Rights Guide and ensure its accessibility to a broader audience. To achieve this goal, the committee welcomes collaborations with other non-governmental organizations and individuals specializing in the field of human rights, as they aim to continuously improve the guide and make it more accessible to the general public.

Through such initiatives, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Slovakia strives to strengthen the protection of human rights and promote democratic values in society. By providing comprehensive educational resources and fostering collaboration among various stakeholders, the committee aims to empower individuals and communities to actively defend and uphold human rights principles. With an unwavering dedication to their mission, the committee looks forward to future endeavors that will contribute to the realization of a just and equal society for all. You can check out the Human Rights Guide for yourself here.