Celebrating Lifelong Advocacy: MRS. ACHINOAM NINI (NOA) Nominated for CoE North South Prize

We would like to draw attention to the joint nomination of MRS. ACHINOAM NINI (NOA) for the 29th CoE North South Prize by esteemed partners and organizations. This nomination, co-endorsed by Prof. Dr. Tamar Shuali Trachtenberg representing the European Institute of Education for Democratic Culture at the Catholic University of Valencia, Mrs. Paula Mihai from the Global Education Network of the CoE, and Prof. Dr. Silvia Tryaki, Head of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Slovakia, recognizes Noa’s lifelong dedication to human rights, intercultural dialogue, peace, and environmental stewardship.

Achinoam Nini, affectionately known as Noa, embodies a rich blend of cultures encompassing Yemen, Israel, and the United States. Her artistic journey as a singer, songwriter, and activist has been nurtured by luminaries like Pat Metheny and Quincy Jones. She has graced the world’s stages alongside renowned artists including Stevie Wonder, Sting, and Andrea Bocelli. Beyond her musical prowess, Noa’s life is a testament to her unyielding commitment to global harmony, reflected through her advocacy on critical issues.

A transformative moment unfolded in 1995 when Noa was on stage shortly before the tragic assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. This pivotal incident ignited her unwavering dedication to advocating for peace and fostering open dialogue. Her principled decision to abstain from performing in occupied territories until justice prevails underscores her commitment to positive change. Her performances at the White House and the Oslo Peace Accord anniversary, as well as recognition like the “Dove of Peace” award from Shimon Peres, celebrate her enduring pursuit of a more harmonious world.

Noa’s influence extends beyond her artistic and advocacy endeavors. She fearlessly raises her voice against anti-peace policies and human rights abuses, making her a prominent figure in Israel’s sociopolitical landscape. Furthermore, her establishment of the Noa’s Ark Foundation demonstrates her dedication to driving social change through the unifying power of music. A symbol of interfaith and intercultural dialogue, Noa’s global contributions have earned her international acclaim. Her numerous awards, involvement in United Nations SDG-based initiatives, and commitment to empowering women stand as an inspiring testament to her extraordinary legacy.

Title photo Achinoam Nini (Credit: RONEN ACKERMAN)